Artist Statement

In my painting, I practice the art of observation, and delve into the profound beauty and mystery of nature and the occasional harmonious relationship we may share with it. Nature has long been regarded as a profound manifestation of Truth in many ancient cultures around the world. But, to me, this connection is direct and personal. While pristine landscapes captivate, I find equal beauty in a humble blade of grass or seemingly unremarkable roadside plants. Through my work, I aim to share with the viewer not just a painting but a nuanced perception, a deep feeling, a whispered secret.

My painting does not seek to imitate or recreate nature; instead, it is a silent dialogue with the viewer, exploring the aesthetic, mystical, or healing qualities of nature as I perceive them. In a world saturated with visual stimuli, I aspire to offer the viewer a sanctuary for the eyes — a respite for the mind entangled in the chaos of daily life, allowing it to slow down, and providing a moment of tranquility. 

Utilizing primarily acrylic paint on paper, canvas, or wood, I usually conceive the subjects and compositions of most of my paintings outdoors, sometimes making quick sketches or taking photos as references, but I synthesize and meditatively paint them in the studio to reflect what I want the viewer to notice. In fact, when I'm out in nature, I would rather be observing than painting directly from it (except when practicing drawing or having a reason to paint High Realism, for which I favour painting directly from nature or the subject).

My compositions are characteristically uncluttered. They allow for significant empty spaces or voids (influenced by the philosophy of Eastern aesthetics, such as traditional Chinese and Japanese landscape paintings) naturally fostering an ambiance of mystery, contemplation, and tranquility. In my artistic journey, I explore the delicate boundary between Truth and the subjective interpretations inherent in pictorial representation. It seems to me that both excessive realism and excessive abstraction may lead the mind astray into illusions. Therefore, capturing the essence with only the necessary degree of abstraction in each painting, I aim to free the viewer from habitual ways of seeing, urging a fresh perspective. The palette varies, but neutral, subdued, or earthy tones usually dominate, creating an earthly atmosphere. After all, painting, to me, is more than mere visual stimulation through colours; it is rather a process of observation, meditation, and discovery — a catalyst for awareness.

Amid nature's beauty and its healing essence, free from the clouds of thought, a profound sense of compassion can blossom. My hope is that my art embodies this spirit, fostering a sense of meditation and inviting viewers to realize a different way of seeing. Then, perhaps, a new perception, a fresh discovery, and a harmonious way of life may be inspired to unfold.